Thursday, 21 June 2012

Early thoughts (posted late!)

My thoughts? Rio+20 will give us the opportunity to shape the way understand progress and development, learn from our mistakes and share amazing ideas that really work. Most importantly, regardless of what actions the governments take, Rio+20 will provide society with inspiration to work for a better world. While it can be easy to focus on the bad (especially if you get the politics) we need to use every opportunity can to make a difference. A friend also in the Australian National University delegation talked about how one day the world will wake up and realise that we've been doing it all wrong. Then they're going to look for how to do things right. That's where we come in with all of where we're doing it right and show them that sustainable cities, transport etc is really possible. Wise words :) So basically - I'd rather take action than sit around and complain about how no one is taking action   ¡Bienvenido a Argentina! But before all that begins I'm spending a couple of days in Buenos Aires, Argentina! In fact, I'm sitting in bus from the aeroporto to the city right now. After walking out of my front door 26 hours ago I've nearly reached my first destination. The next couple of days will be filled with filete (steak), baila (dancing), tinto vino (red wine) and my nearly non-existent Spanish. BA seems pretty cool so far - I've seen a lot of apartment buildings, heaps of street football courts (I wanna play but I think their u14s are about the standard of our men's league...) and a lot of trucks (I'm pretty sure police cars and ambulances just leave their lights flashing even when their driving normally). Thanks for reading :)


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