Tuesday, 19 June 2012

10 Points from Forest Dialogue at Rio+20

10 Points from Forest Dialogue in UN Rio+20

By ANU Delegate Yin Yang 

1.     Promote science, technology, innovation and traditional knowledge in order to face forests major challenges: how to turn them productive without destroying them (Support Level 54.5%).
         强科学、技术、革新和传统知识为面对来自森林的主要挑战:如何让森林更具生产力而不摧毁他们 (支持率 54.5%)

2.     Invest in local controlled forestry; promoting source right, organization, business capability and fair deals for local people (Support Level 40.9%).

3.     Restore 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded lands by2012 (Support Level 21.8 %).
         2020年前恢复1.5亿公顷被破坏的森林和退化的土地(支持率 21.8%)

4.     Protect language diversity to preserve traditional knowledge and support biodiversity conservation (Support Level 21.2%).
        护语言的多样性,保护传统知识和支持生物多样性保护(支持率 21.2%)

5.     Entrench the principles, inclusion, transparency and accountability of local peoples in forest governance (Support Level 17.8 %).
        确立当地人民在治理森林时的原则,包容性,透明度和​​问责制度(支持率 17.8 %)

6.     Restore forestland and mangrove zone (Support Level17.0 %).
        恢复森林与红树林区域(支持率 17.0 %)

7.     Value forest carbon from forest plantations in the context of the green economy (Support Level 15.2 %).
        在绿色经济的背景下价值化来源于人工林的森林碳(支持率 15.2%)

8.     Government should support agroforestry as a promising alternative to balance the need for food and fuelwood whilst reducing pressure on natural forests (Support Level 14.2 %).
        政府应该支持农林业作为一个有前途的替代方案以平衡来自食物和薪柴的需求,同时减少对天然林的压力(支持率 14.2 %)

9.     Organize a UN Commission to mobilize the necessary public and private finance to implement REDD+ actions globally (Support Level 13.3%).

10.  Common framework conditions for forest certification and include it in the rio+20 framework for action (Support Level 12.9%). .

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