Friday, 27 July 2012

Thank you to our supporters!

The ANU Rio+20 Delegation would like to officially thank all that made the project possible, including;

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, for spending half an hour with the ANU delegates during Rio+20 and giving us her personal perspective on the negotiations. Thank you to Jeremy Hillman from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet for his help in organising this meeting.

The Australian Government Rio+20 Taskforce for involving the ANU delegation in their many stakeholder consultations and daily briefings during Rio+20.

The Australian Centre for Environmental Law (ACEL) for assisting with the formation of the project and assisting with the interviewing of potential delegates, in particular, Professor Tim Bonyhady.

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) who accredited all 18 members of our delegation with the UN. In particular we would like to thank Nic Nelson from ACFID for his support of the ANU delegation project.

The ANU Students' Association (ANUSA) and Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) for their generous financial support through the Grants and Affiliations Committee (GAC).

The ANU Student Extra Curricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) for the generous financial support.

ACT Government Youth InterACT Grants for providing two small grants to two delegates.

ANUgreen and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for enabling ANUgreen Sustainability Officer Teifi Caron to attend Rio+20 and assist us with our IARU engagement opportunities.

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) for its generous financial support for those students within that College.

The ANU College of Law, and Professor Michael Coper (Dean) and Professor Fiona Wheeler, for their generous financial support and insurance support for the law students who attended.

Woroni - the ANU Student Newspaper for publishing several articles on the Rio+20 Delegation.

The ANU Media Office for publishing 2 stories on the delegation in the publication On Campus.

The ANU Food Co-op for letting us borrow their kitchen and venue for our fundraiser event.

The ANU Climate Change Institute and Professor Janette Lindsay for her contribution of ideas and advice on logistics for the delegation.

Thank you to the following individuals who provided personal briefings to the delegation before we left/while we were there:

Professor Will Steffen, ANU Climate Change Institute

Associate Professor Don Anton, ANU College of Law

Professor Tim Bonyhady, Australian Centre for Environmental Law (ACEL)

Professor Mick Dodson, National Centre for Indigenous Studies (NCIS)

Dr James Prest, ANU College of Law (Climate Law)

Gregory Andrews, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


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