A group of students across the ANU is working together to put together a campus newsletter on issues of sustainable development. We envision this to be a publication which allows for research students, and others, to showcase their research in a more public fashion, while also allowing for more creative endeavours. The ANU has an abundance of students working on the cutting edge of sustainable development research whose efforts and ideas often go unheard of outside of academic circles.

This is an exciting opportunity for students from the Fenner School, Crawford School and NCEPH to have their informed opinions and research published in a non-academic domain.

The newsletter is to be called Ambiente. The first issue is to be released in mid-October with theme of “Global to Local”. This theme centers on how international problems, agreements, norms and ideas can be transferred into local and domestic discourses, issues and projects.

Please forward your submissions to – – by the 19th of October. Primary research articles (preferably based upon your own research) are to be between 800 and 1500 words.

Shorter informed opinion pieces are to be 800 words or less. Creative pieces (poems, drawings etc) may vary in regards to length and format. All submissions should be accompanied by a short statement (less than 150 words) outlining how their work relates to the theme of “Global to Local”.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

The Ambiente Team

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  1. Please post the articles up on the website.